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Why “It’s About Men”?

January 15, 2016
Why “It’s About Men”?

The purpose of It’s About Men is a conglomeration of a lot of things. I feel that I am very fortunate to have been able to retire from law enforcement at what most would consider an early age. I have been pursuing a career as an announcer for several years and the being able to retire has allowed me to chase that dream. The announcing market is a fickle one so I knew I couldn’t put all my eggs in that basket. I’ve always been interested broadcast, talk radio got me through many long nights on patrol and long road trips going to my announcing gigs. I had been dabbling in podcasting for a while with the Pullcast, a truck and tractor pulling, monster truck, and motorcross announcing gig, and while I enjoy doing that podcast, I wanted to expand into other topics that I’m interested in.

After a 20 years in emergency services, I noticed a deficiency in day to day preparedness of the general public. I was surprised at the number of calls for service that I would get for people being stranded without jumper cables, or call the Sheriff’s Office for assistance in a blackout because they had no candles or flashlights. Believe it or not these things happened. It wasn’t all that frequent, but it did happen. This troubled me on several levels.

As we all know, after Hurricane Katrina, there was Nationwide focus on emergency preparedness. The Federal government took a major hit on the response and the trickle down pressure was felt on the state and local levels of all fields of emergency response. As a byproduct of the additional training, I don’t know anybody involved with public service that didn’t evaluate their own level of preparedness. Weather you believe it is the government’s job to ensure everyone’s well being in a disaster or not, I want to put a priority on my family’s happiness and safety, rather than wait to be a priority by an emergency management team.

I don’t consider myself a “prepper” or an expert on the subject, but I do enjoy the topic. I have always been a DIY guy and love improvising household items into survival tools. To me, preparedness is a source of entertainment and comfort. I think the world of survival tactics can be a little intense for most people who are looking to get started. My goal for “It’s About Men” is to be a entertaining and productive place to learn the basics and explore survival options. Looking back on my Law Enforcement career, the training platform that served me best was networking and swapping stories with my piers. While training for “what if” is a necessary training topic, “what did” seemed to be the tactics that I implemented. That is a platform that I want to provide with “It’s About Men”

Survival will not be our only topic. Any topic is fair game. As you can imagine, with a name like “It’s About Men” we’re going to talk about cars, hunting, fishing, tools, DIY and anything that is a productive hobby. Want to help you survive and have fun doing it.

It’s About Men is really about becoming a better man. But, if I would have said that in the beginning, at least half of you wouldn’t still be reading now. We are going to celebrate all the things men are (or used to be). I have a lot of areas in my life that I want to do better, and if you do too, then we’ll do it together. We’ll utilize technology while learning skills that are near extinct. While It’s About Men may sound like an anti woman movement, Let em tell you a little about myself. From the time I was 4 years old, I was raised by a woman. I am the father of three daughters. Some the bravest, toughest and smartest cops and firefighters I have ever served with are women. The first person I went to with the idea of this project was a woman and she brought another woman and I can assure you that no man could do a better job of doing what they have done. So it should be clear that women are welcome and encouraged to be a part of this project.

Why the name? It sounded cool. And, as a father, I hope to inspire an upcoming generation of men to be prepared for the REAL world. I am guilty of relying on the conveniences we have a available today. I like to think that I can resort to skills I picked up just living in time that these conveniences didn’t exist, I can get by without them if needed. With all the virtual worlds and distractions available to younger men today, I’m concerned that they will lack the skills to provide for themselves in a crisis. Obviously I’m not talking about all of them, but if we can inspire a few more to learn to enjoy getting their hands dirty. The world has got to be a better place and make common sense a little more common.


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