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How to Organize Your Workbench – The Art of Being Disheveled (by Tiny)

March 15, 2016
How to Organize Your Workbench  – The Art of Being Disheveled (by Tiny)

Oh, the organized workbench.

This noble pursuit is not unlike the quest for the Holy Grail or getting the perfect quantity of chips and salsa on the first try.

MY organized workbench! It's an art!

MY organized workbench! It’s an art!

It seems my wife thinks that I may have too many hobbies for the amount of workbench that I have in my garage. Fortunately I am innately organized and have managed to utilize each and every square inch of flat surface in the shop area.

…and where I used to park my truck
…and the front and rear rack of the four wheeler.

This skill did not happen overnight, it has taken me years to perfect it. To be able to find the amount of equipment required to cover this kind of square footage is an art form that requires dedication to garage sales, second hand stores and the occasional estate auction. If you’re thinking, “How can I rise to this level of organization?” keep reading. Though my name may be but Tiny, my skills are fierce; in the spirit of It’s About Men I’m sharing some tips to get you there.

Tip # 1 – Hang a Peg Board!

A pegboard can really help keep the tools and supplies you use most at the ready. A few years back I purchased some peg board and a box of miscellaneous hangers that fit almost all of your common hand tools, and I find it most handy to keep mine on the floor next to my workbench and the box of hangers nearby.

Tip # 2 – Get the kids!

I highly recommend getting children into the garage with you. Encouraging them to experiment and use your tools hones their own skills, and builds a solid foundation for your relationship. Life skills built in a garage together are the kind that last longer than most of your projects! I am always amazed at how the right combination of socket and ratchet makes a great laser gun to fight off the dog. They will eventually start their own projects, and really puts things in perspective for you, too! I mean, I’m even glad that the truck no longer fits in the garage, and between the two, I’ve found myself inspired to submit a tool idea to our sponsor Upstate Safety & Supply. Y’all prepare to BEHOLD THE “CRESCENT HAMMER.”

Tip # 3 – Let’s call this one, “Staging Points”.

Many of my projects and tools tend to migrate into the house. My wife has established a few Staging Points, where she collects and then deposits my clutter and abandoned projects I’ve left around the house. One of those Staging Points is on the toilet seat in my bathroom, another is my pillow on our bed, though, between you and I, I’ll take BOTH of these locations over the Garbage Can location.) Sometimes, she is nice enough to return them to the garage along with some of the other things she is no longer requiring in the house, like seasonal decorations or clothes that no longer fit my young project partners, (see Tip # 2)!

Tip # 4 – No, really, wear safety glasses.

Safety glasses protect from explosive surprises, flying socket-lasers, and slapdash snacks.
Oh, speaking of snacks! I do hope this will help you find the Holy Grail of the Organized Work Bench. Now I am off to work on that chips and salsa thing. Maybe I will make that the subject of my next submission.

Hone your edge.

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