…Do Something




The engine.

Kenny woke up from retirement as a law enforcement officer in Utah, and realized that life had taught him a great deal, indeed. And that it’d be an absolute crime to not share those lessons with men everywhere. Men trying to better their lives and their relationships. Men that want to be able to hunt or skin a buck, shoot a gun, sophisticatedly sip whiskey out of the correct glass. Men that want to be better husbands, and who can attack Do-It-Yourself projects without hysteria. It’d be a crime to share these learned life skills, he said, and as a true crime buster, he put the handcuffs on these interwebs and sat down to create.

His resume is a lengthy one that most would envy. Law enforcement officer, racehorse trainer, firearms instructor, hunter, fishermen of both fish and friends, laborer on farms and ranches, announcer for rodeos, monster truck shows, truck and tractor pulls, entrepreneur, advocate, custom window builder, leather tooler, gear head, graphic designer, and very nearly famous.

Hang on for this ride folks, he’s going to inspire you to Do Something.


The spark plugs.

Every once in a while you’ll hear from Naomi, our marketing manager and resident grammar police. She’ll jump in on discussions, provide topics and blogs, and ante up the balance to this site by offering a woman’s perspective. She’s the spark plugs of the joint…can’t run without her, connected to the engine at all times; she’s guaranteed to throw a few sparks in this fire.


Our fuel lines.

Stewart is the occasional co-host, most of the time awesome, and all the time great guy hailing out of Utah. Growing up in the mountain west, you’ll hear him collaborate on anything hunting, trapping fishing, ‘stache trimming, and Prius killing.   His work ethic was forged early in the agricultural industry; including but not limited to dairy farming, stacking hay and doctoring cattle, apparent by his muscular build and lack of account on farmersonly.

His vocational education was in welding and metal fabrication, spending nearly three decades developing skills as a machinist in tool and die making. An avid outdoors man skilled in predator stalking, he’s as comfortable in the wilderness as most are in their own living room, and he’s built more of his own gear than he has bought.

Over the last few years, Stewart has become very successful in metal detecting and not only paid for his hobby but made a profit on it.

Easy ladies, he’s taken. A proud husband and daddy, he’s so great at living he almost needs his own website.


The Gas Tank.
Hey! ….where’s my diet coke?

Tiny, as he is known by most, is a dad of 4 boys, a husband with a very patient wife who has been washing his underwear for almost 18 years and a 20+ year veteran of law enforcement. Along with being the Offensive Lineman of the group at 6’5” and pushing 400lbs he tends to create a lot of editing for Kenny when Stewart can’t stop laughing at his comedic outbursts.

During his career he has been an armorer for many weapons systems, a Pressure Point Control Tactics Instructor and an expert on gangs around the country. He has been an instructor for the Utah Department of Corrections and currently for Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). Prior to Tiny’s law enforcement career he was an ASE certified mechanic and has owned and worked on several classic cars and trucks. Like Kenny and Stewart, he grew up fishing, hunting and camping in the mountains of Northern Utah where he earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Tiny is active in his church and currently works with the young men.

When he is not working he spends his time with his family in those same mountains he grew up in and the bordering states. Whenever possible Tiny is in the garage/ shop where he can be found making a knife, building an AR or figuring out a new Para cord project. For about last 18 years of his favorite things to do is making bullet cases into all kinds of trinkets. Most important are the tie tacs he makes out of 21 gun salute cartridges for the families of our Fallen Heroes, which he does at no charge.

He is excited to share his failures and successes with the It’s About Men project.