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The Duke (By Tiny)

When you hear “Duke” it invokes images of British Nobility or, much more central to the It’s About Men project, an actor by the name of Marion Mitchell Morrison…AKA…John Wayne. The latter image portrays toughness, integrity, and true grit. I ...
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A Message From Our Founder & Creator

Kenny Founder & Creator of It's About Men

Founder & Creator of It’s About Men

After years of service in saving lives, after decades of hobbies, and only after being nearly fully inspired by life itself, Kenny had a vision to help men everywhere better their lives. Read more about Kenny’s Vision for It’s About Men here.

It’s About Men

We are an interactive podcast, YouTube channel, and website & blog focused on preparedness, DIY, recreation and sports, and good ol’ boy advice on how to keep you on the straight and narrow! After years serving our communities as a law enforcement officer and answering emergency phone calls that could’ve been easily prevented, our founder and creator found himself both baffled and inspired at the levels of life unpreparedness in our world, and he’s made it his mission to change it.

If you as Google, “Why Do Men….”, and let it fill in the blanks for you, the most searched-for topics are “Why Do Men Have Nipples”, “Why Do Men Cheat”, “Why Do Men Lie”, and “Why Do Men Have Facial Hair.” While we can’t get to the bottom of every answer that you’re all searching for, we’re hoping to not only answer those questions, but class up the most searched topics, to raise the standard we have for ourselves, by getting you prepared for anything life may throw at you. If we’re doing our job right, you’ll be sharpened men, (and women!), better friends, and successful contributors to society.

The goal of It’s About Men is to be an inspiring and entertaining environment for anybody who wants to become a more well rounded man. Naturally, most of our topics either derive from, end up with, or need women, so ladies, this can be for you too!

Frequent topics that are covered on the show are:

Life : Preparedness & Survival of the fit & unfit, Fitness, DIY Projects
Love : Self & Family Improvement
The Pursuit of Manliness: Travel, Sports, Motorsports, Hunting, Manly Recreation

Want a topic discussed on the show? Let us know!